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Friday, 3 February 2012


A number of things can happen to information after a user has finished working with it. In some cases, it may be enough to just see it on a monitor, or send it to a storage device. In most situations, however, it will probably be shared with other people.
The most common means of sharing computer information is to make a printed copy of it. While there are many brands of printers available in the marketplace, three kinds are generally available for personal computers: dot-matrix, letter quality, and nonimpact. The following comparison of these three kinds of printers originally appeared in Microcomputers for Insurance Professionals, written by Kenneth and Christina McClung, and John Guarneri
Dot-Matrix Printers
The dot-matrix printer gets its name from the way it produces characters. The print head has a set of wires that produce tiny dots according to a specific matrix pattern. For instance, an 8 x 9 dot- matrix printer produces dots in a matrix 8 dots wide by 9 dots high. The positioning of the dots determines the character formed. This method of printing is quick and inexpensive, but the quality of the characters produced is not as good as that of a letter-quality printer. (See Figure 22.)
A rule of thumb regarding dot-matrix printers is that the greater the number of dots in the matrix, the higher the quality of printed output: For example, a 9 x 23 matrix will produce higher quality print than will an 8 x 9 matrix. Some dot-matrix printers can approach letter quality by overprinting each character a second time with a light offset. This increase in the quality of appearance must be weighed against the reduction in output speed incurred by having each character printed twice.

  Figure 22. Dot matrix printer. Courtesy of International Business Machines.

The Letter-Quality Printer
The letter-quality printer produces the same high quality, fully formed characters as a typewriter. These printers give your correspondence a more professional appearance. In addition you can change the type style of your output with most letter-quality, printers. Letter-quality printers usually use removable typing elements available in most popular type styles. Depending on the brand of printer, this element may take the shape of a daisy wheel, a thimble, or the familiar IBM-style ball. (See Exhibit 6.)
Non impact Printers

Non impact printers are fast, quiet and generally the most expensive type of printers, with the cost often starting at $1,000. Some non impact printers also offer greater resolution and color graphics for users who need to produce sharp charts, reports and presentations. There are three kinds of non impact printers available: laser, ink-jet and thermal-transfer.
Laser: A laser printer uses a laser beam to write an image onto the photo conducting drum of a photocopier mechanism where the patterns pickup toner that is then transferred to a sheet of paper.
Ink-jet: Ink-jet printers spray ink at the paper at high speed, driving the ink into the surface with the impact.
Thermal-transfer: Thermal-transfer printers melt an image onto the paper by using precision heating elements and either a thermal ribbon or a transfer sheet.

 EXHIBIT 6. Comparison of text created by different types of printers. Reprinted with permission from Microcomputers for Insurance Professionals, McCluny, Guerriesi, and McCluny, John Wiley and Sons, 1984.

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