Since computer terminology can often be one of the biggest stumbling blocks to understanding the world of personal computers,I've tried to make things a bit easier by defining new terms at the beginning of the chapter in they first appear

Sunday, 5 February 2012


Modems allow long-distance communication to take place between two computers by way of telephone lines or signals. Modems for personal computers may be one of two kinds: an internal modem (installed within the computer itself), or an external (a piece of hardware that connects to the computer). In addition to a modem, an active telephone outlet and a communications software package are needed.
Modems are used to produce signals compatible with telephone equipment. The equipment used in the telephone system requires that digital signals from a computer be converted to analog signals for transmission. Without a modem, telephone system amplifiers and filters would alter the digital signals and turn them into gibberish before they reach any other computer. Modems are grouped according to speed, features, and by their abilities to store dialing directories and make direct dial calls. Once equipped with a modem and the appropriate software, personal computers can dial any other system equipped to receive their calls; anywhere in the world. The various services that can be accessed include:
Up-to-the-minute stock prices
Movie reviews
Airline schedules and reservation services
Hotel and car rental reservation services
Public service bulletin boards, containing everything from free
Software to consumer tips and want ads
Shop-at-home service
Some of these services require the payment of a subscription fee, while others charge only the cost of the telephone call.

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