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Since computer terminology can often be one of the biggest stumbling blocks to understanding the world of personal computers,I've tried to make things a bit easier by defining new terms at the beginning of the chapter in they first appear

What is Google Adsense?

For a beginner, and by beginner I mean someone who has just started to try to earn money online, Google AdSense may well be the easiest way to monetize a website. You don't need a fancy list, copy writing skills or HTML coding ability, in fact you don't need many technical skills at all.
So, what is Google AdSense? It's a system of contextual advertising that in order to use effectively you'll need to be able to create, maintain and update websites. But, they're not the only skills you'll need to be successful.
The other necessities are:
  • Being able to write compelling and useful content. Creating thin, poorly written sites merely for the purpose of making money from AdSense isn't enough to really succeed. You must have a great site.
  • Promoting your website. A site that nobody visits will be useless at making any kind of money. SEO is the most common form of site promotion for this.
  • Enough commitment to rinse and repeat numerous times. You could say this about anything I suppose, but it's especially true that sometimes you may exhaust the reasonable amount of information you can publish about a subject and need to impetus and get-up-and-go to be able to create more sites.
Many people overlook AdSense as the individual clicks aren't necessarily worth a lot of money. And that's not even correct. Depending on what the advertisement is selling you can get $2, $5 or even more per click. You can see that just a few clicks can start building up.
A few of the benefits of using this system of monetization...
  • No selling. By placing the adverts on your site you're merely giving the reader additional avenues to solve their problem. You won't have to convince them to click, in fact doing so is against the rules.
  • Your reader doesn't have to buy anything so is more likely to click than someone is to spend money. A warning though, too many non people clicking and then not taking any action on the other end is not a good thing for anyone. This may cause advertisers to stop using Google or 'smart price' your site so that the clicks pay out less.
  • The confidence of working with Google, who virtually own the internet.
  • Easy to implement, copy and paste a few lines of code into your site and bang! Instant contextual advertising.
  • Regular payouts. As long as you earn over the lower limit you'll get paid monthly, and the limit is tiny, $100 or £60 in the UK.
  • Simple to track. Real time results via the AdSense website.
What AdSense is all about and how it works is simple. People pay Google, through their AdWords program to advertise on search results and content through publishers like you. The advertisers pay per click hoping to get visitors to their sites to
  • Purchase their product
  • Sign up to their service and sometimes
  • Opt in to a mailing list for some or other incentive (something which many internet marketers do to build lists for email marketing)
You then apply to Google to become a publisher and they supply you with a code to place on your site which will display the ads. You can change the way the ads look to a certain degree, such as text color, ad size etc. For every click on your site you are paid an amount dependant on how much the advertiser has paid Google for the ad. Things like mortgages and lawyers pay higher than cuddly toys and dog food. Google takes 32% of the revenue for themselves for the arbitrage and you get the remaining 68%.
Simple eh?
So you might think that it's easy to make loads of money. Well, get a system in place and it is. It is also a lot of work.
First of all, Google won't give AdSense accounts to just anyone. You'll have to prove that you've got a website on which they are prepared to place their adverts.
Secondly they are very, and justifiably, strict with their terms of service. People frequently report that they have their accounts banned for some infraction, or for nothing at all (which I don't personally believe). For example, clicking on your own ads is not only a waste of time, but will cause Google to close your account. Not only that, but it's a bad thing to do as you are costing those advertisers money.
Thirdly, and this is one of the big things in internet marketing, you need plenty of traffic and from that traffic, clicks. Successful sites can report anything from 2% to 15% and higher as a CTR (click through rate) which is the percentage of people visiting a site who click on your ads. You can see from that figure that having 15 people clicking is far preferable to 2 people for every 100 who visit your site. This figure depends a lot on niche, ad placement, ad relevance and many other factors and will plainly be one of the things that you work on to produce high AdSense earnings.
Once you've got the trick of building sites that have a purpose, great information and have been promoted well enough to receive lots of traffic, you'll be able to earn a great deal on AdSense. Google themselves want you to be successful as it makes them more money and frequently feature websites on their AdSense blog that make hundreds of dollars a day.
For sheer simplicity of execution, making money from AdSense really is the easiest way I've found that's sustainable, stable and repeatable.

Google AdSense and Your Website

For many years now Google AdSense has dominated forums, web discussions and newsletters all over the Internet. Already, there are stories and testimonies of those who have made millions just working from home and letting the power of the internet fill their pockets with cash. It seems that Google AdSense has already dominated the internet marketing business and is now considered the easiest way to making money online by many successful internet marketers.
The real key to success with Google AdSense is the placement of ads on pages that are receiving high volumes of traffic for repeatedly searched keywords. The more competitive the keyword the higher the cost-per-click to the advertiserand in turn the more you will receive per click from your site. Using this logic it Obviously does not pay to target low cost-per-click keywords and place them on pages that do not receive countless daily hits.
With all the people surfing the internet and clicking away everyday, it is no wonder Google AdSense has become the most lucrative way of monetizing any website and making a long term income.
For those of you that are still new to this market, it would seem having your well written, unique and informative content on your homepage buried somewhere in the little ads promoting other people's services is not something you want for your website, however once those first few clicks equating to several pounds or dollars appear on your AdSense interface you will learn to place your ego and pride to one side and just focus on the revenue and what you can do to maximise it!
There are two major, and clever, factors that all successful webmasters and publishers are able to blend together in order to make money more productively using AdSense.
Number one. Avoid placing ads on low traffic sales pages on your website.
The successful internet marketers and webmasters will place very little or no ads on a page that they intend to sell a product either directly or via an affiliate link. This enables the product to stand out that much more with no competition, the visitors that find themselves on the page of a particular product are usually more targeted than those arriving at an information page and will often be looking for the product your offering or similar thus they are very unlikely to want to click an ad and navigate away from that page.
Number two. Aim to place ads on high traffic pages of your website.
If you check on your logs, you will discover that many of your visitors are taking advantage of the free affiliate marketing resources, ebooks, articles, etc that you are offering on your site, thse are the pages that are pulling in your traffic and the ones generating all the clicks and revenue. Focus on driving traffic to these already popular and high conversion pages to maximise your income.
When used effectively, these two factors are actually a good source of producing the mamimum amount of revenue from a high traffic page. Many people are using this strategy effectively to make huge sums of money from their websites traffic.
With the many techniques that people are now employing to maximise their google AdSense earnings through correct ad placement, related contentc, etc, it is not surprising that Google is trying everything to update and polish their AdSense in order to maintain their good image.
Google AdSense over the years has constantly evolved to battle the rising amount of click fraud and other ways of exploiting AdSense used by the selfish and dishonest individuals and has always managed to come out on top and keep the service running as smoothly and effective as ever so the chances are google AdSense is here to stay and anyway making a good profit this year will be doing so for the many years to come!
Hi My name is Lee Brown.
I run a website devoted to offering the best resources for those looking to start off in internet marketing and get their first website on its feet as well how to use your website to generate advertising and affiliate revenue, market and grow your Home Based Business, create back -links and drive traffic to your website and just become an overall success.

How to Make Money With Google AdSense

Things to know about AdSense. AdSense is a website that you can use to help you create a personal or business blog or just use it for your hobbies that you would like to make money on. You may ask, "What is AdSense?" This is a program that is run by search engines that is a form of pay-per-click advertising for websites or blogs. AdSense is a form of advertising. AdSense is used through one particular search engine and dominates the market. For example, you type in something you are looking for and it will be listed on the right-hand side of the results page in AdSense ads. What is so good about AdSense is that you can earn money from your websites and blogs with this program. For example, visitors who click on your AdSense ads will earn you money. It is an easy way to make money and work from home or the office.
AdSense how to sign up for this program, you will need to visit Google and AdSense has a free account that you can sign up for. To learn more about AdSense you will need to read the "How to" instructions. What is AdSense all about? AdSense how to create a website or blog is included in the program instructions. These instructions will help you to better understand AdSense how to and how not to use this program.
AdSense how to instructions will show you how to create and write original content for your website or blog. For example, if you want to write a blog or create a website about scary movies they will show you how to choose relevant articles to add to your site. After all, if the content is not relevant to the subject you will not attract potential customers, yet alone have him or her return for more.
Things to remember when using the AdSense program. Make sure when you place your AdSense code it is place vertically along the left-hand side of your page. Most people will read your website from left to right. However, another way that AdSense is used is within the content of your webpage, at the top or between the content.
Areas to advertise your blog or website is on social media websites or post on various websites that offer free services. *NOTE* Make sure you do not post your AdSense in the wrong area or category.
Make sure you sign up for a ping service so that you can ping your website or blog every time you update either of them. A ping service will help your blog or website be found by people while he or she is researching for your type of products or services. Ping services will let other sites know that you now have new content on your website or blog. This type of service will drive traffic to your blog and website. Example, for driving traffic to your website; you can add a link in the content of your article so it will be convenient for a person to click and this will drive traffic to your website of blog.
These are proven steps on how to make money with Google Ad Sense. It doesn't stop here, though. What you do next is crucial to make money with Ad Sense.

 Make Money With Google Ad Sense Alternative

Google AdSense is the best advertising platform in the world wide web and nobody can deny that fact. Millions of advertisers trust this method and thousands of website owners, bloggers and businesses are making substantial amounts of money through AdSense. However, not everyone can make it big in this system. You know how strict Google is with its TOS and lots of publishers are being kicked out thus having all their existing earnings forfeited. If you feel that this program is not for you, or you just don't want to put all your eggs in one basket, check out the following alternatives and let your heart decide.
  1. Chitika - Do you have plenty of traffic coming from the US and Canada? This is your chance to monetize your unique visitors. Chitika Premium Ads is a great online advertising network that provides publishers the opportunity to earn money from their daily hits. The best thing about this program is that the advertisements will only show up to targeted visitors. This means that if the visitor is not from Canada or US, he won't see the ads at all. In this way, you will not annoy your readers with irrelevant ads which they are not interested with in the first place.
  2. Adbrite - This is another good alternative to AdSense . What does it take? You have to own a website, of course. And if you want to be successful in this program, you also need lots of traffic. You install the codes and wait for dollars to come in. Once you reach $100, they will send you the payment through check. The best part is that you can choose an ad unit whatever you think is appropriate for your type of audience. It can be ads for content, in-line text ads, banners, or full page ads.
  3. Bidvertiser - Are you unsuccessful with AdSense ? If yes, you can try your luck with Bidvertiser. It is almost similar to Google AdSense but what most publishers love about Bidvertiser is that you can cash out once you reached $10. No need for long waiting. Unlike other advertising networks that require you to reach a threshold of a hundred bucks, you can enjoy your earnings from Bidvertiser quicker.
  4. Adgitize - Have a blog? Need traffic? Want to boost your Alexa ranking? Then this is the best choice for you. There are two main reasons why you must register an account with Adgitize. First, the advertising fee is very low, probably the lowest in the industry. For just $14, you can give a full exposure to your blog or website. Second, you can earn money as an advertiser. Surprised? Yes, you can earn money by letting other advertisers place a banner on your homepage. It's actually a win-win situation for everyone. You get traffic and make money at the same time.
There are a gazillion of ways to make money check. This is specially true if you are a webmaster. If you want to take this make-money-online thing seriously, you have to start a blog or a website. Pursue your own domain as earning opportunities with a subdomain are very limited. Once you already have a website of your own, consider the mentioned advertising networks and start making money.
Make Money Check is designed to give you honest reviews straight from the mouth of people who have tried and made money online themselves. Every single post aims to give you insight about the proven methods and techniques to earn online. Learn more about how to make money online by using your blog for advertising and other recommendations by visiting this link

Google AdSense - Maximizing Returns

In the past few years, the internet has grown and made plenty of new opportunities for webmasters and bloggers to make money online. Google AdSense is one of these ways in which thousands of bloggers are using it to make money with contextual advertising. The beauty of AdSense is that it doesn't take much to implement it. The amount of money you can earn with it is tremendous. However, there a tons of bloggers still having problems earning with it. So what makes some AdSense publishers succeed and other not? How do you really go about boosting your AdSense income?
It is very easy to become excited about getting cash from your blog and end up not getting a dime because you went too quickly. So go slowly and understand how AdSense really operates. This will make it simple for you to build your earnings with time and help you to reach your main goal. The niche that you are in does not matter as long as it has a targeted market. You will have to focus on getting the most out of AdSense by doing things right from the beginning.
Secondly, tweak and test the ads colors and find out which ones work the best. For some people, placing ads that stand out are the best way to get more clicks. For others, making sure that the ads do not stand out works the best.
When you start getting relevant blog traffic, you will have to determine which colors will help to give you more clicks over time. This might seem like a unneeded task, but it is very essential if you want to be successful in the long run. This is what ultimately sets you apart from the competition and helps you overachieve. Don't be too afraid to get away from your comfort level and strive to do better. This is because anyone who wants to be successful usually do things just a little differently.
Last, the real earning potential of AdSense can only be achieved once you place it on more than one of your websites. You can put AdSense on every web property of yours, right from your website to Squidoo, HubPages and others. There is a limitation of one hundred sites for each AdSense account, so you are not limited. Owning a vast amount of blogs that have AdSense positioned on them, will give you the type of additional income that you are craving. Aside from that, attempt to make an authority site in your niche that has a numerous amount of content pages. This is so that you can have your AdSense ads on as many sub-topics as possible. All in all, this article lets us see that Google AdSense will provide a consistent income and make it simple to get money from your website. However, the only way to get his done is to tweak your AdSense Strategy on a continual basis and try to get long term success.





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